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March 21st, 2017

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Sinead in dnd? Cool. Lineart then colored? Pretty. Maybe that would explain quite a bit with a dream I had.

There's a battle of some sort. I (first person POV as Jim Boom) seem to be overwhelmed in battle by multiple grunts of a PKH variety. A flash of light, and pain affects me- a last second attack targets me before the flash.

I'm soon woken up by the smells of bubble gum. The POV switches to third person, viewing what's around. I'm on a bed in pain, with Sinead in her dark gear- the solo pic and last new pic in PKHT-verse. Cross-legged, she's smiling that I am in one piece. There is a tail grown out of her, most likely identifying that she went hybrid form to fight, as well as heal me. She has a Ditto Cyto of his design, able to make her a shifter. Huh. I'm not quite awake, so she slips away from my head, letting her sandaled feet softly pat my chest, She hopes I would be okay, and know there is more than a daughter that missed 'em. I swear I wake up just as hearing this, but she's gone. I'm at the hotel that is in the MORPH facility. Must be part of that storyline. I then wake up for real.

March 19th, 2017

Dream log: A hopeful one.

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I was dreaming I was in my brothers' room, basically a living room with the daybeds. Robyn was... visiting me. I was a gentleman that I didn't even touch her, but say close. Kept being cool and stuff while she was around to talk about a lot of things.

Then she went to the bathroom. Texted me while for some reason I had an old Nokia brick phone. Last time I had that we had lovey dovey texts then. I saw one from her. She returns from the bathroom to glomp me. I try to be romantic, so does she, and we sound like stuff from movies. We laugh and stay close.

She comments about showing me photos of her stretching classes called Xu classes, with plenty of foot shots. She gets a text, and I wake from my phone vibrating.

Said message stated that the work project I was assigned to for a week was a success and the client was really happy with us. Well, here's to hoping I can even remain to get that far. I've a few theories, about figuring out how she is from my experiences, but would rather speculate them with her than on here.

Christ, a dnd character based on Sinead? Jim in there? Before my dream started, I saw PKHT Sinead curl close to hug Jim. She was saying that everything is okay, that I was allowed rest. Then that lovely dream...

I'd be happy for RP with her and Rogue. Mind's looking for happiness... I guess we shall see where it goes, huh?

March 15th, 2017

(no subject)

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Posting here again? Well been trying to poke to Robyn back on FB. Is my timing the suck or what. :p Hope she ain't mad at me.

F-List and Furrymate are agitating me. Takers for earlier, BS the latter.

Where the heck is Rogue or Robyn to RP fetishy or serious stuff? Gah. I wanna write again with 'em around caring to listen. :< Missing 'em while working the job.

December 25th, 2016

(no subject)

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Not even posting this on FB. Without Robyn as a friend on there, no reason to share.

(no subject)

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Here with Dad, him too depressed to meet up with family. I didn't want to leave him hanging. So I stayed with him. He's down because his job is looking like they're not gonna rehire him after his surgery. Building department made living here more stressful with my room GONE, my orthopedic queen-sized bed replaced with an air mattress, and the possibility of losing this house.

So no, not in a Christmas festive spirit. Or maybe I am with giving and giving to family and friends I miss dearly... I'm depressed being here typing and this infernal pain inside of me. No gifts from local side, and should I be surprised with nada online?

Just a sad ditto right now. :< The only recently good thing was Robyn hoping I was okay... something not heard in... early 2015? Late 2014?

...It's something. What I am doing matters to someone, at least. Merry Christmas.

December 6th, 2016

Is that a thing that vain mothers do to others? Bring them down at points so to boost their own ego?

I'm already terribly sick. Bladder pain last week is the guy equivalent of a Urinary Tract Infection. I still have bits of it, but I think the laxatives and prune juice are helping. With an Upper Resperatory Infection (Doc says thanks to secondhand smoke by Dad, I get them frequently), I should be in bed. Hacking a lung, still en route to class?

Why am I griping mothers? Got a job fair going on in my Network+ school. So I am still going? Dad's wishing me the best and hopes I get something. Mom though? She goes off on how I always get sick because I don't take care of myself, and how I look fat in my dress clothes. The same dress clothes I wore on that soft-spoken video message. Ugh. I try to explain how little soda I have been drinking, walking (via PoGo), and how I lost 20 pounds from being very sick, but she just keeps going as if I should dwell on me being fat and making me ponder if I should stay home.

So I go, of course. I got to. Man I feel like garbage. Emotionally, physically... How long since RPing anything? Talking what's on my mind? Small stuff like gaming, PKH, and politics?

Too long. Here I go, missing ya.

November 24th, 2016

(no subject)

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Saw family for a few hours. And the fakeness of the folks as clear as day.

Never posted what happened from the polls. Even if I did, they wouldn't care. Ugh.

Almost back. ETA an hour. A break to RP? Talk and vent my anger 'n sorrow? Happier stuff? I hope so. Too many dreams of me dying in violent ways...

November 15th, 2016

Long week.

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On the 8th, I endured racial slurs and mean people while serving the voters. And only one town over from my own. Don't want to get to it here. Robyn? Rogue? Someone who cares? Can really use a good friend...

And now, this. Guess where my room in the house is!

May need to miss school tomorrow for this. Gotta take apart my bed, my PC, my XB1...

October 18th, 2016

(no subject)

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Ah, sad that an A+ teaching gig that had alot of personal drive and paid $30/hr ended up picking someone else for the job. That sucks. Yeah, feeling blue from that. Among other things.

October 16th, 2016

(Elektra) Can't be that easy.
(Matt): Giving up is easy.
(Elektra): You would risk everything for me?
-Matt just smiles warmly at her.
(Elektra): [sighs] So how do we do this?
(Matt): [exhales] Not alone.
We do it together.
(Matt): This... Elektra, this is a part of me that I need. And you're the only one who gets it.
Without this, I'm not alive. I'm not. Not really.
And I know that now, thanks to you.
I don't know what we are together, and if we have any chance in the future... [stammers] I don't... [exhales]
But I... I do know that I'm free with you. Like with no one else.
(Elektra): You hide from yourself. You don't let anyone in.
(Matt): You. I let you in. Think about it. What if this isn't the end? What if this is the beginning?
(Matt): ...there's one thing in this world that makes me feel more alive. And that's you.
(Elektra): [sigh] I'm the Black Sky, Matthew.
(Matt): Yeah, and I'm the Devil of Hell's Kitchen.
-She smiles warmly, laughing a bit.
(Matt): The airport's just a cab fare away.
All we gotta do is survive whatever's waiting for us behind that door.
(Elektra): Let's get out of here.
Do I have to say anything at this point? Maybe the similie that she found in the Daredevil movie so long ago... That resonance. The feeling there's someone warm and good despite so far away. That.
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